Wednesday 27 March 2019
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Have You Downloaded The Kimojis App Yet?

Kim Kardashian West managed to crash the Apple Store following the release of her emoji app called KIMOJI recently.


The App costs $2.99 in Australia


In a series of tweets Kardashian West apologised for causing such chaos. “Apple, I’m sorry I broke your app store!!!” was one, followed by “I can’t believe so many people downloaded my KIMOJI app that it affected the entire app store!,” before, a minute later, “We worked so hard on this app & we know there are some issues due to the massive downloads that the whole tech team is so working on!”


The reported rate of download on the day of release was 9,000 downloads per second.

The $2.99 app features a collection of over 250 Kimojis which range from waist trainers to selfies, Kardashian West with blonde hair and my favourite the famous crying face.




The Kimojis app does raise some privacy concerns however. The program can collect anything a user types or has typed in the past including credit card details – leading to fears that users’ confidential information is at risk. Before users download the app they are warned; ‘Full access allows the developer of this keyboard to transmit anything you type, including things you have previously typed with this keyboard.
‘This could include sensitive information like your credit card number or street address.’
This has not seemed to put off fans of the Kardashians at all! Will you be downloading the app any time soon?


Images courtesy of the App Store and Instagram

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