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What Does Your Jewellery Style Say About You?


What Does Your Jewellery Style Say About You?

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What woman doesn’t love the thrill of placing a new beautiful piece of jewellery on and admiring how it makes her look and how it makes her feel? Modern jewellery takes its influences from many different periods, and historically significant events and people from the past. Vintage style jewellery is timeless, and adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, regardless of whether its worn on a wedding day, a special occasion, or even for everyday wear.

If you have ever tried to choose a piece of jewellery for someone else, you’ll know how hard it can be. Jewellery, like perfume and clothing, has to be matched to the wearer’s personal taste, because it also reflects the fine intricacies of their personality. Fortunately, figuring out which styles you are drawn to, is much easier though, isn’t it? You know almost instantly if you like or dislike a piece of jewellery. It’s either ‘you’ or its not! Whether you prefer Art Deco pieces over Victorian or you are more of a retro girl than an antique-lover, your personal jewellery taste tells others something about who you are.

Intrigued? Take a look through these gorgeous pieces from Blue Nile that take their inspiration from many different eras, and find out what your favourite go-to style says about you!

LEFT TO RIGHT: Rope bracelet in 14k yellow gold, Gold textured cuff bracelet in 14k gold, Gold cuff bracelet, Colin Cowie Estate Gold Hammered in 14k gold, Colin Cowie Estate Pearl Diamond necklace, Smile Bar necklace in 14k gold, Flapis earrings in Sterling silver, Flapis necklace sterling silver.

LEFT TO RIGHT: Rope bracelet in 14k yellow gold, Gold textured cuff bracelet in 14k gold, Gold cuff bracelet in 14k, Colin Cowie Estate Gold Hammered earrings  in 14k gold, Colin Cowie Estate Pearl Diamond necklace,   Smile Bar necklace in 14k gold, Flapis earrings in Sterling silver, Flapis necklace sterling silver.

Mid-East and West Antiquity

Large, heavy gold pieces are characteristic of this period and design elements often reflect cultural beliefs. Rope designs and serpents (which symbolise protection and wisdom) were very popular.


What it says about you: You are a born traveller! You love adventure and embrace the opportunity to meet and connect with people from a wide variety of cultures.

Gregorian – Early 1700’s – 1830’s

Common themes and design elements of Gregorian jewellery are nature, floral and feather. In the 1750’s coloured gemstones became fashionable again, including classic stones such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires, and also new stones such as pink topaz, amethyst, coral, ivory, pearls and garnets. Dual metals (especially white gold and yellow gold) were also popular.


What it says about you: You are most at home in nature. A walk along the beach, or through the woods is your happy place. You are down to earth and kind. You are the friend that others come to for sound advice and a non-judgmental, listening ear.

Victorian 1837 – 1901

The rise of industrialisation, and of the middle class, meant that the Victorian period was an era of prosperity. Jewellery reflected the wearers social standing and status. Gold was scarce during this period though, so jewellers often worked thin gold sheets into light, puffy designs to give an impression of abundance with as least amount of metal as possible. Pearls, turquoise beans and pink coral were all popular in this time period. Following the death of her husband Prince Albert, Queen Victoria mourned for 2 decades and jewellery of this period reflects a more sombre tone with dark jewels such as onyx, and deep red garnets being commonly used.

Heirloom pieces like lockets were also very popular during Victorian times, and hearts, bows, birds and floral motifs also feature highly.


What it says about you: Nothing is more important to you than family and you wear your heart on your sleeve. You love deeply. You are a loyal and trustworthy friend and lover.

Arts and Craft Movement 1860’s – 1890’s

The arts and crafts movement was an international phenomenon that sprung up partly in reaction to the over industrialisation and mass production of the Victorian period. Jewellery of the arts and crafts movement is characterised by a move back to handmade pieces, made using traditional techniques. Hammered textures were popular, often contrasted with smooth and shiny surfaces. Precious stones were not a big feature of jewellery made at this time, with jewellers opting to rely more on their craft skills to decorate the metals they used.


What it says about you: You are effortlessly stylish. You like your life to be like your jewellery – simple and uncluttered. You have great attention to detail and can sniff out fake or untrustworthy people in an instant. You don’t waste energy on what others think about you. ‘What you see if what you get,’ is your motto.


Edwardian 1901-1910

King Edward and his wife Queen Alexandra ushered in a new era of opulence. A style icon of the time, Queen Alexandra’s tasted greatly influenced the jewellery of the Edwardian period. Her favourite colour was purple, and King Edward favoured green, so emeralds, green garnets, peridots and amethysts feature highly. Pearls and diamonds also enjoyed popularity at this time. The use of platinum was very common, and due to being much stronger than silver or gold, it was able to be worked into delicate lacey, filigree designs, which is a signature feature of Edwardian jewellery.


What it says about you: You are a natural trend-setter! You take pride in your appearance, and your gracious style is admired by all. You love beautiful things, beautiful people and beautiful places, and you know how to shine bright like a diamond!


Art Deco 1920’s – 1930’s

The roaring 20’s were a wonderfully decadent era that followed World War I. The style reflects the flamboyant and playful attitude that characterised this period. Geometric designs, circles, triangles, squares and rectangles, often woven together in intricate designs are defining features of Art Deco jewellery. Diamonds were hugely popular, often set in contrast to black onyx, or accompanied by brightly coloured gemstones such as rubies, sapphires and emeralds.


What it says about you: You are the life of the party! You love to have fun and have a wide and varied social group. You are deeply passionate, and aren’t afraid to stick up for what you believe in and you inspire others to do the same.


BLUE NILE RETRO jewellery a

LEFT TO RIGHT: Amethyst black and white diamond ring in 14k white gold, Morganite ring with pave diamonds in 14k rose gold, Amethyst ring in sterling silver, Aquamarine diamond pendant in 18k white gold, Citrine cushion cut ring in sterling silver, Aquamarine diamond ring in 14k white gold, Morganite diamond cushion ring in 14k rose gold, Amethyst cushion pendant necklace in sterling silver.

Retro (Or Art Moderne) 1935 – 1950

This period was inspired by the glitz and glamourous of Hollywood, and is best known for its colourful, elaborate and larger than life designs. Using different shades of gold in pieces was popular, and a range of gemstones were used, including citrine, amethyst and aquamarine.


What it says about you: You love to accessorise, and have a wonderfully stocked wardrobe of magnificent outfits that you like to mix and match with pieces from your jewellery collection. You are confident, gregarious and others are magnetically drawn to your infectious love of life, your charm and your wit.


Blue Nile ring prize feature

We’ve chosen our top pick from the Blue Nile vintage collection, and we are excited to say that one very lucky reader will get to call it her own! The Morganite and Diamond Milgrain Halo Ring in 14k rose gold is valued at $1080 and is simply stunning!

Want to get your hands on it? (Of course you do!) Simply complete the entry form below. Good luck!


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Jolene Marie Humphry

Jolene is Editor at Mum Media Group, where she enjoys writing, sharing and connecting with other like-minded women online – it also gives her the perfect excuse to ignore Mount-Washmore until it threatens to bury her family in an avalanche of Skylander T-shirts and Frozen Pyjama pants. (No one ever knows where the matching top is!) Likes: Reading, cooking, sketching, dancing (preferably with a Sav Blanc in one hand), social media, and sitting down on a toilet seat that one of her children hasn’t dripped, splashed or sprayed on. Dislikes: Writing pretentious crap about herself in online bio’s and refereeing arguments amongst her offspring.

493 thoughts on “What Does Your Jewellery Style Say About You?

    1. AvatarBarbara Fehmel

      I love the 1990s large style rings, lots of Diamonds around a colored stone. Stylish and beautiful.

  1. AvatarAngela Eccles

    I love the gregorian style and Art Deco, I’m a total home body but love a party every now and then! I love the glitz and glamor but also the elegance!

  2. AvatarCassy McKenna

    I love the Art Deco period, with all the straight edges and geometric shapes I think it suits my straight forward, sharp shooting personality.

  3. AvatarKati

    I love the art deco collection , my fave would have to be the morganite diamond cushion rose gold ring. Love it!

  4. AvatarAnita Andrews

    The Arts and Craft Movement style is definitely me. Very simply yet elegant looking. Can easily be mix and matched with many outfits styles too.

  5. AvatarMary Cole

    Art Deco 1920’s – 1930’s, yes I love to party and am a passionate person!
    I adore decadence and glamor!

  6. Avatarsammy minshull

    Arts and Craft Movement 1860’s – 1890’s ts gorgeous, timeless and simply stunning pieces x

  7. AvatarToni Rowland

    Absolutely love the delicate pieces of the Edwardian period. I love details & just love the details in filigree. Divine.

  8. AvatarCharlotte L.

    Victorian 1837 – 1901, Beautiful heirloom pieces are timeless. Love the styles and designs of this era!

  9. AvatarDeb

    I’m definitely a RETRO. I spend time meticulously matching my accessories with my ootd (outfit of the day), regardless whether I’m just at home or going to work or having a great night out. BLING is ME. 🙂

  10. AvatarKat Rogers

    Simply adore the Gorgian inspired saphire , pearl and diamong ring , not only is it my bithstone but it remonds me of my grandmothers engagement….

  11. AvatarStav Mataia

    The thing for me is simply pulling a look together and feeling great about how I wear my jewellery. It’s about how it suits the shape of my face, and how to choose the correct look, style and colour for my overall body type.
    This is why I am inspired by Revivalism time and piece jewellery in the Classicsl and Renaissance designs.
    In love with the many Greek & Roman motifs, geometric patterns and mosaic designs.

  12. Avatarsharyn parsell

    I love all rings but i love the petite ones more than the bulky ones.
    So i would go for todays jewellery in White gold xx

  13. AvatarKim Morgan

    Victorian era suits me, as it is not unsimilar to the pieces, I love to wear, lots of white gold, pearls & precious lockets, containing photographs of my loved ones, to me they are timeless.

  14. AvatarMelissa

    Definitely Victorian for me. I didn’t even realise my taste fitted a certain era but I would lovingly wear everything in the pictures

  15. AvatarSophie Miller

    The Art Deco Roaring 20’s flamboyant geometric designs are my style and suit my playful attitude. The fashion, and buildings and the jewellery from the 1920-1930 time period are timeless with a lot of class but I especially love their jewellery with their contrasting colours, bright and bold gemstones and a diamonds which after all are a girls best friend.

  16. AvatarElizabeth Dowhaluk

    Gregorian – Early 1700’s – 1830’s Is me tee, love nature, love the beach, and the bush makes me feel happy. Yes! Yes! This is me!! ( You are down to earth and kind. You are the friend that others come to for sound advice and a non-judgmental, listening ear.) Love my Pearls and my onyx and my black sapphires.

  17. AvatarMandi

    I am suprised, but Art Deco 1920-1930s is my style for sure. The pieces from this time period really stood out to me and were jewelry that appeals to me the most!

  18. AvatarTanya Colette

    Definitely the Art Deco 1920’s – 1930’s
    The geometric designs along with the brightly coloured gemstones are the style I love, and what I wear daily. Glamorous and stylish! 👌🏽

  19. AvatarLiz Jackson

    All these Periods suit my Style & Taste. I think with each period, while Jewellery continues to evolve in many different fashions or trends over the years, the true fundamentals of Jewellery Design & creativity has always remained somewhat the same. Jewellery is only as good as the Metals, Stones & Gems that are used. But more importantly, Jewellery is only as good as the precious time, care & love that is put in each & every piece. I don’t think you need to limit your style or taste to a specific Period. Actually I encourage anyone who truly appreciates & loves Jewellery to have a Collection from as many different periods they can in their hands on. Right now I have my Stunning Emerald Engagement ring on, my Mothers engagement ring on which is 55 years old. On my other hand I have a Ruby Ring & 2 diamond rings that sit either side of the main ring, which are 90 years old. I were them everyday & often receive compliments on how beautiful they all are. Yet regardless, of the Gems, Stones, metals, designs or age, they all just seem like they were all personally custom made for me. I have Pearl Necklace’s which I adore, a Platinum Locket from my Great, great Grandmother and many other beautiful pieces. People change fashions in their wardrobes & then decades later come back into fashion. All things totally reborn again. I feel like that with Jewellery. I do believe that the Victorian Era, the 1920’s & the 1940’s were years where Exquisite craftsmanship was at it’s finest. so to me, I am a lover of every Era of jewellery with a slight altering of the 1960’s. I adore colour but definitely not a fan of bright orange, reds, yellows etc in bulky plastic beads, baubles. My biggest dislike was when everyone I saw were wearing those chunky clip on Earrings & strings of beads, haha.

  20. AvatarTanya Clarke

    I’m very passionate about what I believe in, Art Deco styling shows my colourful personality.

  21. AvatarKristy wakely

    I’m an Art Deco kinda girl, I love the square shape designs along with the wonderful colours

  22. AvatarCarol Mason

    The Victorian Era is my favorite when a classic ring looked like a ring elegant and feminine

  23. AvatarCheryl. Moulton

    My taste in Jewellery is eclectic, depending on my outfit and where my day or night is taking me.

  24. AvatarJayne Marshall

    It might be Fathers Day, but I sending my husband into your store Monday with a list with everything that I like and desire so he has a list for every birthday, mothers day, easter, christmas and even public holidays!, Get shopping, Charles.

  25. AvatarNicola James

    The lushness and elegance of the Edwardian period really calls out to me, but all of your designs are stunning!

  26. AvatarFaye Bibby- Chapman

    Arts and Crafts for me because the clean and imaginative designs are totally wearable and timeless for today’s world and keep my look “together”!

  27. AvatarNata

    Arts and Craft Movement 1860’s – 1890’s,
    Its look and feel,
    A classic appeal,
    Elegant and chic,
    The bling makes one look and feel simply magnifique.

  28. AvatarAmanda

    Mid-East and West Antiquity is my style and ironically enough I love a life of adventure and travelling for the cultural experience, just as the description states.

  29. AvatarBee Bowdlert

    I love the Georgian Inspired designs best, with designs inspired by the natural world, timeless pieces of elegance and beauty that suit any occasion.

  30. AvatarJo Kennedy

    Retro Inspired Is totally my style, I love eye catching pieces that capture the attention from everyone saying WOW !

  31. AvatarJade Pages

    I am absolutely in love with the Yellow Diamond Double halo drop earrings from Edwardian times 😍😍

  32. AvatarJaimi Layt

    The Art Deco 1920’s – 1930’s period would have to be my style! I adore geometric, colourful and artistic pieces that reflect my bubbly personality.

  33. Avatarchristine morris

    I love the Retro Style, Mum gave my a Retro styled Ring, i have cherished it and worn it for over 45 years now, i love it and i love the era as well, Thanks for the chance 🙂

  34. AvatarAnna M

    Gregorian – Early 1700’s – 1830’s. I love pearls. They are classic and timeless. They always add some elegance.

  35. AvatarAshley Beech

    The Edwardian Inspired;
    that silver ring with the pale
    blue stone is what I’m all about.
    I’d wear it as a ring or necklace
    or just have a piece of jewellery
    for every jewellery-wearing part
    of my body for this type of design.

  36. AvatarAmelia

    Victorian – the Industrial era. The meaning of my name is “industrious” so, if the cog fits…

  37. AvatarVanda B

    I’m definitely Retro inspired. I love big coloured stones in rose and cushion cuts in all different metals. Beautiful.

  38. AvatarMargaret Crumlin

    Gold Cuff Bracelet 14K brings out the Mayan in me. Looks and feels like something from a Machu Picchu Dynasty. Eye catching and bold, to be worn like a sun flare, the shimmer and warmth delighting and so charming to wear.

  39. AvatarMelissa K

    The Art Moderne,
    Bold, bright and colourful just as I am.
    Full of glitz and glamour, that always leaves a lasting impression.

  40. AvatarMonica Porreca

    I’m a retro girl, think Hollywood glamour meets a modern girl who longs to be discovered so she can afford the ‘good life’!

  41. AvatarVeronica Paterson

    I’m drawn to the Edwardian inspired pieces, not only because they’re gorgeous they’re me all over plus I’ll feel so royal just like a Queen.

  42. AvatarSharon Johnson

    Mid-East and West Antiquity is me to a T. You are a born traveller! You love adventure and embrace the opportunity to meet and connect with people from a wide variety of cultures.

  43. AvatarDean Davis

    Art Deco styling is my wifes favourite jewellery and I would love to surprise her with this great win !!!

  44. AvatarNicole Woods

    Either Retro Inspired or Arts and Craft Movement 1860’s – 1890’s. I really like different pieces from each of those sets of images.

  45. AvatarNeva Beaumont

    The Edwardian style jewellery is bold, elegant, timeless and chic and is flattering to any discerning fashionista such as myself. Taking great pride in my appearance and eloquence, the Edwardian style is the epitome of my persona!

  46. AvatarMelanie

    Art Deco and Gregorian styles are my favourite’s. Timeless classics, that remind me of my Grandmothers jewellery.

  47. Avatarcleo

    Arts and Craft movement 1860’s -1890’s simply stunning. Escape into a world of glamour, femininity, elegance with a sophisticated edge. Fascinate, charm, dazzle and allure.

  48. AvatarKimberley headford

    Gregorian inspired style, being at one with nature and walks on the beach soothe and inspire me

  49. AvatarJoanne

    I love the Edwardian style but to be honest I love all jewellery and would be happy to mix and match.
    Would not say no to any piece given to me!

  50. AvatarJulie R

    My style is an eclectic mix and I like pieces from each collection, but the Retro and Art Deco are my current favourites

  51. AvatarHelen Hodgson

    I find it difficult to say ! There are pieces of jewelry that I like from each era & design that I love, but I don’t like everything . I do like classy, but suttle design’s

  52. AvatarAndrea

    I guess I’m a bit of everything but mainly retro style! I do love something that has a bit of meaning but love something that no one else haves when it comes to jewelery.

  53. AvatarTricia Leonard

    I really love the gregorian style with it’s unique pieces inspired by nature. They are stunning and fit perfectly with my style.

  54. AvatarEmma morrow

    I love the Art Deco (1920s to 1930s) . I love the shape and designs of the jewellery and I think it suites my style .

  55. AvatarSacha Pech

    Arts and craft movement is probably more ‘me’. I definately like my life uncluttered and love, simple delicate jewellery

  56. Avatarkaz reiman

    The Edwardian Period jewellery is beautiful. It is innovative and incredibly modern! I adore the retro designs and mix of metals in the pieces.

  57. Avatarjody buhagiar

    Lov ing the retro style! The unexpected details, charm and beautiful embellishments make me feel part of an era that I wished I was in 🙂

  58. AvatarAngela Riggio

    The diamond in me gravitated towards the Edwardian collection! I don’t know about being a trendsetter !!! But I definitely like the beautiful things in life!!

  59. AvatarLiz Randall

    Edwardian. Old charm just simply stunning. Rose gold is just stunning and never goes out of style

  60. AvatarSonia Chang

    Gregorian Early 1700-1830’s is my favourite style jewellery because it has classic detailed design, natural stones and dual mentals. It is perfect style for my age .

  61. AvatarAmanda Bini

    I love both Art Deco and East West Antiquity. Definitely would appreciate any of the pieces from either collection.

  62. AvatarSylvea Corrie

    Art Deco – my wedding ring is my Nana’s from 1920, it’s a simple rose gold band and her name was Rose, so it’s very special to me. We couldn’t afford an engagement ring, so this beautiful one would match perfectly!

  63. AvatarAngela Gale

    Retro is my favourite jewellery style because I adore gemstones (have collected many from fossicking) plus different gold tones.

  64. AvatarMichelle

    Art Deco!
    Maybe it reminds me of my grandma and my childhood – I’m not sure but I love it

  65. AvatarLoz

    Love Art Deco, something about those gorgeous shaped stones with tiny diamonds surrounding. And if it’s good enough for Princess Kate then it’s definitely good enough for me.

  66. AvatarChantelle Beaumont

    I love the Art Deco look for jewellery. Hate it for home furnishings….does that mean I am confused lol

  67. AvatarM.Hooper

    I’m a bit Jekyll & Hyde, I love the retro but also am a fan of the art deco-depends which way I swing !

  68. AvatarGayle Wilkie

    Retro (Or Art Moderne) 1935 – 1950 Retro inspired is about my style. I have my mothers & grand-mothers jewellery that I wear on special occasions, My grand mother survived WW1 &WW2 with my mother only a toddler in 1935. Their jewellery holds a special place in my heart & I take pride in wearing it. I have been offered large sums of money for some of it but it is heirloom and will be passed from mother to daughter.

  69. Avatarnikki cashion

    I love most of the styles but if I had to choose one I would have to say Gregorian Early 1700-1830

  70. AvatarSarah turner

    Definetly Art Deco 1920’s – 1930’s,
    I am totally not afraid to stick up for what I belive in, let’s make the world a better safer kinder place.
    Down to earth and kind hearted with a hint of class!

  71. AvatarRacheal M

    The arts and crafts movement of 1860s-1890s and some pieces from the art deco 1920s-1930s period as well

  72. AvatarSharon Lorman

    Definitely Gregorian but there were pieces in each era that I loved too. The description of me was pretty accurate as well.

  73. AvatarLaura Power

    Gregorian so similar to pieces I own, love the coloured gem stones and designs, very classy

  74. AvatarMichelle Leach

    Mid-East and West Antiquity Is my style. I have two rings similar to those pictured above. I love how they resemble nature like flowers and leaves.
    Thanks for the chance xx

  75. AvatarJuanita

    I’m a bit of a mixture between Edwardian, Retro & Victorian <3 I love a mixture of styles.

  76. AvatarToni C

    I loved a piece in every time period so I guess my style might be an eclectic mix of styles? Or it could just be that all these pieces from Blue Nile are beautiful in their own right and who wouldn’t love them!

  77. AvatarRachel K

    The Arts and Craft Movement because like it says “what you see is what you get!” I believe that the way you carry yourself has more impact on how you look than any fashion item or makeup trick. Sit up straight and smile and the whole world will smile with you!

  78. AvatarJustine C

    I love the Gregorian style, the designs of the time really appeal to my personality – charming yet relatively understated.

  79. AvatarMaree Gray

    I’m torn between Gregorian and Victorian. If I had to pick one then Gregorian speaks to me moreso. I love nature and I also love my family. Both styles really reflect who I am.

  80. AvatarClaire Butler

    I love pieces from every era , A bit of class , a bit of retro , a bit of Art Deco , a bit of gregerion style and Victorian , Theres a wee bit of mischief in me as I do like to have fun , but also love being by myself and what see is what you get … I found this really interesting , But fell in love with this gorgeous ring !!!!

  81. AvatarPamela Dark

    The Gregorian period fits with my personality because I love the idea of our creations being inspired and influenced by nature.

  82. AvatarJill08

    The house is ART DECO, furnished mainly from OP Shops with ART DECO inspired items… at last I’ve found a site with AET DECO themed jewellery that would pander to my love of rings from that period… Many thanks

  83. AvatarNicole Robinson

    I like any jewellery which is slightly unusual. I love chunky middleeastern type as I am a bellydancer, but I also like the simple shapes/lines from Art Deco times.

  84. AvatarJade O

    I love the art deco style of the 1920’s and 30’s, as the description states “you are the life of the party!” I’m sure all of my friends would certainly agree, after a few to drink I’m a karaoke queen!

  85. AvatarSheri Anderson

    I just love the Victorian inspired look the most and I’m a helpless romantic at heart, thanks!

  86. AvatarBecky Downey

    Arts and Crafts – so unique, so original and actually still so state-of-the-ART! Absolute treasures….

  87. AvatarCatherine Howard

    Seriously, there is a piece from each collection that I love & want. This place can do so much damage to my credit card

  88. AvatarJudy Considine

    Mid east and west antiquity jewellery mesmerises me, classic cultural designs beautified with the best stones and purest of gold. I find this jewellery style timeless (stunning gold cuff hammered bracelet pictured btw).

  89. AvatarSonyaS......

    A mix of Retro & Art Deco, I love stand out pieces that make a statement… Coloured stones and gems to suit my moods, a little sparkle and shine!…

  90. AvatarKim Farmer

    Loving the woven diamond drop earings in the arts and crafts movement inspired era. Classical and modern!

  91. AvatarHeidi

    I’m torn between Victorian and Gregorian because there are pieces in each that i adore. I’m more into Silver than gold and love a vintage style.

  92. AvatarYvonne Stewart

    Arts and crafts period which probably suits me as I love a lot of different crafts. My favourite stone is an emerald

  93. AvatarMichelle fay

    I liked the arts and crafts deco period as the jewellery was definitely more suited to the clothes I wear

  94. AvatarNicole Day

    Edwardian! What a beautiful collection! I admire stunning art in all forms, especially jewellery.

  95. AvatarKush Bourke

    Gregorian – when I read the ‘what it says about you’ bit I was surprised that it describes me to a tea! It’s amazing what you can tell about someone simply by their jewelry choices!

  96. AvatarAnna de Kleyn

    Definitely the 1920 – 1930’s Art Deco!! Absolutely love jewellery in geometric designs – there are some really stunning pieces out there still today..😊

  97. AvatarSara Johnston

    The Georgian Inspired is definitely me;
    It’s so simple and understated (and a little classy)!
    I love the gorgeous, delicates designs;
    And oh how I’d love this piece to be mine! 😍

  98. Avataradrienne harries

    Art Deco suits my style
    Beautiful pieces that make me smile
    Bold stones in pretty rings
    To own the would make my heart sing

  99. AvatarBecky

    I absolutely love all jewellery. Really depends on how I feel and what I wear. Today the gregorian is stunning.

  100. Avatarkristy winters

    Arts and Craft Movement 1860’s – 1890’s
    Each peice is eclectic and individual and a little messy

  101. AvatarsarahMary

    The Victorian Era! I love silver and sparkles, and I am loving the Organic leaf necklace in sterling silver! Elegantly simple.

  102. AvatarJessic

    Retro (or art moderne) would suit me best. I love being larger than life like the style suggests and seem to always pick amethyst style pieces for my birthstone.

  103. AvatarBianca Bonakey

    Arts and crafts movement inspired .. I’m a bit of a hippy mum so these designs are perfect for me .. Stylish yet simple for everyday use

  104. AvatarElizabeth Riordon

    Absolutely love the Art Deco 1920’s – 1930’s range. It’s the type of jewellery that you could just stare at for hours.

  105. AvatarReena newman

    I love all things vintage especially jewellery it makes me feel connected to the past and reflects my unique style.

  106. AvatarDawn Taylor

    In the Mid-East and West Antiquity Collection you showed, I thought every piece was gorgeous, but I could easily have chosen one or two pieces from the other collections.

  107. AvatarBianca de Lima

    The Edwardian Ruby and emerald rings look stunning!!! I love colour in my life. The cut of the stones and the claw setting always remind me of dragons clasping at their precious treasure. This transports me into a wonderful world of fantasy (like me actually owning one of these beautiful pieces 🙂 )

  108. AvatarAnnika C

    I’ve only recently discovered that Rose Gold suits my skin tone and I love looking at the antique rose gold and diamond combinations.

  109. AvatarKathie

    Being the dreamy kind, I love beautiful people and beautiful things, so I love the Edwardian Inspired Pieces with diamonds. Diamonds can say so much; I Love You, You’re my everything or I Want to Marry You; So romantic!

  110. AvatarKaren Kemp

    I love pieces from all styles, what I wear depends on my mood & naturally on where I am going & what I am wearing.

  111. AvatarNicole

    Gregorian, I like gold and it is petite and precise I like the leaf inspired jewellery and the classic stones. It’s just me

  112. Avatar(Mrs) Enid van Hyum

    I purchase or select jewellery that catches my eye regardless of style or price. As I have large fingers, I need rings that flatter my fingers & not get lost on them.

  113. AvatarKelly Arndt

    The Victorian style stirs something within me,
    That speaks to and moves me so deeply…
    Signalling a recognition of the connection to history…
    Emotions as intensely strong as an actual memory…

  114. AvatarAlice Bryant

    The Arts and Craft movement is definitely my style, although I do think rose gold is so pretty

  115. AvatarAnita Bogovic Pante

    Art Deco all the way! Such a luxurious, extravagant and indulgent time. Love the edgy details and sophisticated style 💜

  116. AvatarKim

    I adore the Art Deco style. Vibrant and whimsical while remaining sumptuous and eye-catching! The vintage Blue Nile ring would be perfect for my son – he’s finally ready to propose to his partner #SQUEE

  117. AvatarMarcia Batton

    Not sure I fit into any of the periods, bit of a mix between Gregorian, Victorian and Arts and Craft Movement with a little Mid East and West Antiquity thrown in. At the end of the day I like specific pieces not periods (same with music and clothes, I refuse to be categorized into a box!!). But I love the Morganite and Diamond Halo ring and applaud your choice for the prize.

  118. AvatarBryanne

    I love pieces from most of the eras although by the pictures shown, the Gregorian era is my overall favourite. Love!

  119. AvatarTanya Knight

    I am a cross between mid-east and west antiquity and the gregorian. I love silver in every format…or white gold 🙂

    I love my simple black pearl piece or something the glitters and shimmers on my ears.

  120. AvatarKerry

    The clear choice for me was Gregorian. I thought every piece was gorgeous and I also think the interpretation was spot on. Fascibating.

  121. AvatarKasey Evans

    Arts & Craft Movement:
    “You like your life to be like your jewellery – simple and uncluttered. You don’t waste energy on what others think about you. ‘What you see is what you get,’ is your motto.” So true that’s me!

  122. AvatarCarolyn Harris

    I am definitely Retro Inspired. Love all the amethyst and other jewellery from that era.
    Thanks for the chance to win that gorgeous ring.

  123. Avatarcheryl m

    Art Deco – i love things that are unique and a little bit different…its always good to be random and be yourself!

  124. AvatarSelena Baker

    Oh my, they are all absolutely stunning. But I would have to go with the Art Deco style as being my favourite.

  125. AvatarJane Trevor

    Retro is my favourite style in clothing and home decor so it only makes sense that it’s also my favourite jewellery style. I am absolutely in love with the magnificent cushion cut aquamarine and diamond engagement ring my fiancé chose for me 9 months ago. He’s a man who definitely knows my style!

  126. AvatarYolandi Mallard

    I’d say a mixture of gregorian and Victorian. Both styles appeal to me in their understated elegance and subtlety. Just beautiful pieces!

  127. AvatarJody at Six Little Hearts

    I love the Arts and Crafts jewellery. I adore those simple styles.
    I would dearly love a ring to permanently symbolize my battle with breast cancer this year. I have come so far and fear the uncertainty of my future. My fingers are crossed!

  128. AvatarRachael Maddock

    I love simple and understated jewellery, so I’d have to say the Gregorian pieces were most suited to my liking.x

  129. AvatarCarla Reed

    My style is reflected by the Georgian and Retro styles.
    Classic lines, elegant shaping, a delicate balance of humility and flamboyance, sweet representation of natural elements and beauty embodied.

  130. AvatarMai Xeng


  131. AvatarVeta Lazaridis

    Retro inspired as they are very unique pieces and I love colored stones. Hollywood glamour is definately my style.

  132. AvatarGloria

    Greatly inspired with the Retro look. Love the look of rose gold against my skin. Many beautiful pieces of jewellery shown throughout the different eras…absolutely gorgeous.

  133. AvatarGloria

    Greatly inspired with the Retro look. Love the look of rose gold against my skin. Many beautiful pieces of jewellery shown throughout the different eras…absolutely gorgeous.

  134. AvatarDorothy

    Retro (Or Art Moderne) 1935 – 1950 I’m confident. People are drawn to my infectious love of life, charm and wit. Love to accessorise.

  135. AvatarRachel Oliver

    Can I be all of them? I love anything shiny! If I had to choose I’d probably say art deco because purple is my favourite colour. I do like all styles though.

  136. AvatarErnie Donato

    Gregorian, understated, classic, elegance. These pieces look wonderful on my wife, ones we both always gravitate too when in jewelry stores looking for her Birthday, Christmas and Anniversary presents.

  137. AvatarStephanie West

    I love Art Deco and always have!
    So classy, simple and elegant, all about shape and clean lines.

  138. AvatarAmelia Howells

    The Retro/Art Moderne definitely suits my style the best. I love the mixture of golds used and the range of different coloured gemstones.

  139. AvatarLara Daebritz

    As soon as I saw the Edwardian pieces, I knew they were my style…I’m into more delicate pieces. Anything chunky and flamboyant does not suit me or my tastes.

  140. AvatarSharon Markwell

    I’m Gregorian Inspired and didn’t even know it till I read this inspiring article. My engagement ring is almost identical to one in the photos.

  141. AvatarCorinne Tailly

    Love the Art Deco Era
    I love all the different geometric shaped rings, squares ovals triangles they’re all so stunning

  142. AvatarZoe Marshall

    Gregorian inspired, the more simplistic designs of the necklaces aren’t ostentatious which I love.

  143. AvatarSandra McFadden

    I like them all but to pick one I would pick the Retro Style! Just love the cuts of the stones in that era.

  144. AvatarJennalee Izzard

    Art Deco 1920’s-1930’s this collection has all the good stuff!! Fun bright and colourful!!
    Social party life but with a deep passion to inspire and stand up for what one believes in… This is truly who I am

  145. AvatarMonica Flack

    Gregorian & Retro is what my jewellery box says about me. Not a silver or white gold person. Most of my rings are from mum too. Could surprise her with giving one back. 47 years married & counting; reckon a little bit of bling would brighten her day.

  146. AvatarMonika M

    I really like Victorian Inspired. I’m all about family, so love heirloom pieces and dark stones go with my dark style.

  147. AvatarDaina

    My taste is a mixture between Victorian and Art Deco… The pieces I find *and* love are few and far between… Although once acquired they are with me for life 🙂

  148. AvatarAngela Vearing

    The Mid-East and West Antiquity best suits my taste. Definitely haven’t had the chance to travel far, but would love to one day.

  149. AvatarCarol

    The Light pink diamond ring platinum suits my style and personality the best. Love all the Edwardian Inspired jewellery. It’s gorgeous!!

  150. AvatarCam-Hong Tran

    Gregorian and retro. Or more…rosegold that’s me. I wanna win as i wanna replace it with my current which i love but was given to me by my ex-partner. Thank you.

  151. AvatarMaria Smith

    The Gregorian Period is my favourite, my favourite piece is the Diamond Floral Drop earrings.

  152. AvatarPauline Piraino

    I love many pieces from each collection. The one piece from the Art Deco 1920s 1930s collection stands out as a piece I would most love to have, the Aquamarine diamond ring in 14k white gold.

  153. AvatarNiomi Spiby

    I love the Mid-East / West Antiquity era the best. The shapes and flatness are always what I lean towards.

  154. AvatarKrista Leigh Murray

    Victorian, 1837-1901 I love. My engagement ring is onyx. The darker gems against white gold is beautiful and the designs with leaves or starfish.

  155. AvatarBec P.

    Art Moderne would be my style, mixed colours of metals and stones to accessorise for any occasion appropriately. I’m always the go-to for a guidance or a simple ear for listening. I’m just me.

  156. AvatarLouise Hopper

    I love elements of a few different eras but I’m very fond of 1901-1910 Edwardian with bold statement pieces that show true originality xx

  157. Avatarcaroline A'vard

    Im in love with your.
    Isola Sapphire and Diamond Halo Pendant, i love the blue and white gold together…

  158. AvatarMichelle Mc

    Victorian 1837 – 1901 is my style.
    I love the elegance, the fashion and the pride the people of that era had in their presentation.
    I have a very old photo dating back to my great great great grandparents, and they all look so incredibly beautiful- dressing perfectly and looking so elegant. I would love to share that photo with you if I was the winner 🙂

  159. AvatarMandy Bull

    I love the Gregorian – Early 1700’s – 1830’s style. It’s classic and stylish without being overstated. It certainly suits my closer to nature personality.

  160. AvatarRenee

    What stunning jewelry and a fantastic competition to give one of your lucky fans a piece of their own!
    My favourite style came is the Mid-East and West Antiquity

    It was very right in saying it represents a born traveller…no one in my family has ever settled down with someone from their own country/culture going as far back as I can go on my family tree. I didn’t buck the trend by travelling from Australia to Europe and meeting my (now) husband in Belgium! 🙂

  161. AvatarChantal McKinlay

    Victorian 1837 – 1901 Is the era for me, the class and elegance the jewellery of this era speaks to me especially those pieces with pearls featured.

  162. AvatarHayley Parker

    The Victorian 1837 – 1901 range is my favourite delicate and with it’s own unique style and I enjoyed the word”Prosperity” being used in it’s description.

  163. AvatarLeisa Rule

    I love pieces from all of these collections but if I had to choose it would be Art Deco. The giveaway ring is stunning.

  164. AvatarAnnie G

    Definitely, decidedly ART DECO.. encompass it all..Art Deco house, furnished with OP Shop gleaned ART DECO objects.. ART DECO jewellery – just perfect to complete the picture.

  165. AvatarGina Decapia

    A definite Arts & Crafts movement girl.
    The shapes and wmanship are stunning and the personality description fits me to a tee.

  166. AvatarAndy Wilson

    Gregorian – Early 1700’s – 1830’s is one of my favorites, but I also like some of the dramatic pieces from Art Deco Era. I love a good statement piece & Art Deco has some lovely ones.

  167. AvatarMelissa Zammit

    I’m torn between Victorian and Art Deco as they are both such a beautiful era and have a unique style similar to myself

  168. AvatarJo Collins

    What girl doesn’t love a little bit of jewellery? I think we all love a little bit from each era. My favourite would definitely be the “Edwardian” era.

  169. AvatarAlysse Heiler

    The time period of The Garden of Eden suits me most – it represents the fact that even from the very beginning, women have always been able to make their own decisions with conviction!

  170. AvatarCarolyn f jurgens

    I love Georgian jewellery. It is elegant, understated, intricately and delicately wrought
    The pieces are timeless and employ semi precious as well as precious stones. I particularly love seed pearl in Georgian pieces…so warm and sweet.

  171. AvatarTami Bird

    There are pieces in most of those categories that I would love to have. If I had to pick one category, I quite like the Art Deco range.

  172. AvatarNadine Hill

    Definitely Retro – I love to accessorise and pride myself on having pieces of jewellery to match all my outfits!


    For me it’s the Georgian closely followed by the Art Deco 20 – 30 ….touch of class about period jewellry

  174. AvatarKirsten

    Definitely Retro (Or Art Moderne) 1935 – 1950 era. As a Aquarian I absolutely love the amethyst rings.

  175. AvatarIsabeau lynagh

    Art deco is definitely my style! I love the simplicity, the colours, the daintiness of the rings. They’re very feminine and fragile <3

  176. AvatarLoredana Giannaris

    My Taurean personality is instantly drawn to the decadence, flamboyance and intricacies of the 1920s Art Deco style. Yes, I’m the life of the party!

  177. AvatarRobyn Palmer

    Art and Craft Movement. This is so me, love my life to be simple and home uncluttered. Even thou @ times its not & it shows thru me.

  178. AvatarElizabeth kaminski

    I think i am probably more gregorian styled overall. So many amazing pieces out there!!

  179. AvatarCathi de Vriend

    Art Deco 1920’s – 1930’s is more my style. I love everything bold, bright and colourful, just like my personality. I’d have made a fabulous and stylish “flapper” had I been around during this era!

  180. AvatarHeidi

    I am a mix of the Gregorian – Early 1700’s – 1830’s style and The Victorian 1837 – 1901 Style.

    The way i present myself is Classic sophistication with a vulnerable earthy Heart.
    Some-days i wake up a Nature shaman & other days i am straight out of Breakfast at Tiffany’s. I am the right amount of Cool with the right amount of Wild. Uptown meets liberator. I am free & i am Woman.

  181. AvatarSharon M

    The Art Deco 1920’s – 1930’s had some beautiful styles and lots of diamonds!!!! Definitely my favourite era and I adore those pieces 🙂

  182. AvatarLINDA WALLACE


  183. AvatarKylie T

    The gorgeous ‘Retro inspired’ rings
    Enlighten our hearts amidst a kaleidoscope of bling
    To toast glasses with a cling
    Winning in celebratory style we would smile and sing.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win a lovely treasure and good luck everyone.

  184. AvatarMelinda Bolitho

    Gregorian is my style
    Classic and timeless.
    Suits work & play!
    Thanks for the fabulous giveaway 🙂

  185. AvatarDonna Bennett

    1860’s to1890’s. Stunning and elegant! Wearing those rocks would make me smile, I’d be looking good and oozing style!

  186. AvatarLauren

    Great article, helped highlight the different styles to me. Absolutley in love with the Edwardian styles. <3

  187. AvatarKelly Arnold

    The ‘Retro’ style is totally me! I appreciate uniqueness and character – never one to follow trends!

  188. Avatarchristine bolton

    I am drawn to elements/pieces from each era. Beautifully designed pieces are timeless and will always be in style. Different styles from different eras suit the various aspects of my personality and the particular pieces I am drawn to will change depending on my mood, whether it be elegant and refined, playful, whimsical or relaxing in nature.

  189. AvatarRenee Sutton

    Definitely Edwardian 1901-1910 era I love the delicacy and the finesse to the jewelry in this era. Vintage and timeless. My favourite piece would be the diamond bracelet in white gold. A masterpiece of fine skill and finesse.

  190. AvatarSusie

    I love all the jewellery time periods but my favourite is Edwardian! I like my bling and want it to shine bright like a diamond!

  191. AvatarKerren

    A blend I believe, gregorian and Edwardian but that also depended on the attire selected.
    Great insight to the styles though, thanks.

  192. AvatarJoanna Harrison

    I love the natural themes of Gregorian jewellery. I’m happy looking after my garden and seeing the fruits of my labour bloom! Flowers are nature’s jewels just waiting to be admired. This Morganite and Diamond Milgrain Halo ring reminds me of a full bloom peony and would be shinning reminder of nature at her best.

  193. AvatarLaura Oliver

    The 1920’s and 1930’s style fits me to a tee I adore the vintage feel it was similar to my engagement ring but I’ve had the worst trouble with all the diamonds falling out and as we have a young daughter my partner hasn’t been able to buy me another engagement ring like he wishes he could. I love looking at all rose gold rings because they remind me of mine.

  194. AvatarJenny mountford

    The art deco period. Always loved this style . Live the geometric bracelet. Very unique. A real talking piece and by gosh I can talk about what I love haha. Fingers and toes r crossed to win beautiful ring. Thanks for competition mwahh

  195. AvatarNicole

    Retro inspired for me! I love the pretty coloured gems and stones. Bring these back in fashion I say. Diamonds may be girl’s best friend but she can also buddies with gems too!

  196. AvatarCourtney Dettman

    The Arts and Crafts movement. Handmade or jewellery chosen from the heart are what I cherish most.

  197. AvatarNichole Mckee

    Edwardian, as I like to make a statement wherever I go just like these exquisite jewels shown 😀

  198. AvatarLinley

    I love them all!
    Timeless classic styles, equally appealing to me…
    I treat styles like toys, though; play with them, mix ’em up, have some fun…

  199. AvatarElise Madden

    The arts and crafts (1860’s) is definitely my style. Uncluttered and simple but very elegant. Pieces that can be worn from day to night, beach to ballroom.

  200. AvatarEva Kiraly

    I;m more Arts and Crafts inspired although I can see myself in every one of those eras, a little bit of each!

  201. AvatarSarah Blockley

    Mid-East and West Antiquity- the article says that this means that I am a born traveler and it couldn’t be more right! I am often lusting after my next holiday/adventure straight after I have returned from one- only finances keep me home based. This period shows elegant and smaller pieces that suit my delicate features while still having that sense of adventure and uniqueness which is very me.

  202. AvatarHeather

    Art Deco! With geometric forms and bold colors. You can never go wrong with diamonds accompanied by the bright colors!

  203. AvatarTess Howard

    Gregorian is just so simple, but classic! I love that it means I am drawn to nature, as it is so true of me.

  204. AvatarTamara Lamb

    Gregorian style. Beautiful, feminine and sophisticated. So many gorgeous pieces in the collection!

  205. AvatarDenise Healy

    my era “Art Deco” as I sip my Prosecco…..just call me Lady Sybil of Downton Abby…cause ma jewellery taste is not too shabby!

  206. AvatarSophie Addison

    I appreciate the “Classic” style of rings. Anything that is unique, dainty and feminine on my fingers thanks. Love most jewels set in silver, white gold and or gold…:)

  207. AvatarMelodie

    I thought I would be Art deco but the Art and Craft is really working for me, the lines and curves are just more ME.

  208. AvatarCharissa N

    Definitely the Retro (Or Art Moderne) period (1935 – 1950) … With that old-school glitz and glamour style championed by the likes of Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor. Definitely a golden era in fashion and jewellery!

  209. AvatarLaura Scriven

    Arts and Craft Movement is so unique but classic at the same time,
    Which I find completely divine.

  210. AvatarSusan Lazenby

    The ring clearly whispers to me that it has style and grace and doesn’t need to be ghastly and tacky to be noticed.

  211. AvatarLesley McCauley

    My jewellery is a ‘Reflection’ of the style that’s me on ‘show’
    A ‘sparkle’ of intrigue that can set others aglow !

  212. AvatarTawhi Kirk

    The woman in my family each have their own very individual tastes in jewellery. My mother is a hippy at heart and loves her crystal jewellery. Her stone of choice is the Amethyst and I associate the colour purple with her for that very reason. My sister’s choice of jewellery is anything gold. Especially expensive gold. But I have a heart for Silver. It doesn’t even have to be expensive. My two favourite Silver pieces are two bracelets my husband gave me. They each have a small silver heart on them and I like to think one is mine and one is his. xo

  213. AvatarNeil

    I love the retro style – vibrant and colourful, it reminds me of my vivacious wife 🙂 this beautiful ring would be a wonderful way to celebrate our 20th anniversary in December <3

  214. AvatarCharlotte S

    Love the Gregorian era jewellery – such a gorgeous array of classic stones, colour and feminine style, and the perfect pairing for some of the classic novels I love to read. I can imagine many of the heroines of those tales in these timeless and elegant pieces. Simply beautiful!


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