Wednesday 27 March 2019
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hot dudes with kittens

Having a bad day? Check out Hot Dudes with Kittens on Instagram Meow

The internets have gone a little crazy over an Instagram account that pairs kittens with hot guys. The Instagram account...

Photo shoot with puppy

Couple do a photo shoot with their newborn ‘furbaby’

For most couples, a fur baby is usually the first newborn to arrive on the scene before a real baby. One couple decided to take the new...

Mum posts review of a crop top using a cat

A mother of a teen has posted a witty review on Amazon on a crop top that cost $4 and was described as ‘ridiculously small’. The mother...

Pooches Nursed Back to the High Life

Nurse Abbie Sission, 23 from Derbyshire, has devoted herself to pampering 9 pooches that not only have their own Instagram account,...